Auto Racing

The Big Types of Auto Racing

Auto racing is an extreme sport where people from around the world gather and compete to win with sheer speed and resilience. There are many prominent auto racing formulas which have become blurry over the years. Here is a quick run down in the world’s most prominent forms of racing.

Formula One

Formula One cars are a single-seat open-wheel racer which is constructed on a carbon fibre composites which can be powered by just1.6 litres of the turbocharged hybrid engine. These services are provided by Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes Benz. Formula One season consists of 19 races in over 19 countries and is predominantly on oval tracks and is strict to ensure that one does not need a temporary street circuit. Usually, cars take up more than 240mph, but the actual race can easily be conducted in half the speed. Formula one is one of the most expensive and prestigious forms of auto racing which can get the right kind of location like Monaco, Bahrain, Singapore. Some of the former champions include Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, etc.


IndyCar is also an all carbon fibre single-seat open-wheel racer which is conducted on a much smaller budget as people do not come and design the vehicle new every year. The racing teams generally purchase their own cars and come from Honda or Chevrolet 2.2 litre twin-turbo V-6 engine which can easily produce 575 horsepower. This race consists of 18 races which can be conducted on the US and Canada with mixed road courses and temporary road circuits. IndyCar is one of the fastest forms of motor racing in America and is referred to as Greatest Spectacle In Racing which has more than one type of tracks diversifying the conditions. The trio powerhouse teams who still dominate the race is the Penske Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing, Andretti Autosport.


NASCAR Spirt Cup Series

NASCAR Spirt Cup Series cars have a front, rear-wheel drive stock which can allow them to have a very decorated sheet metal. They are somewhat old and can have a tubular surface frame. These cars have an old fashioned 5.9-litre pushrod V8 engine which can easily push out 900 horsepower in the most powerful setting. More than 36 races are conducted all around the US on many oval tracks which can easily get the Daytona, Talladega and Charlotte cups which can easily get to 200 mph. This race is America’s number one sports spectator which has made its way into Forbes. They have a very unique ‘playoff’ portion which can be called ‘the chase’ where 16 drivers spend their time trying to win the championship trophy by leaving everyone behind.